Providing IP heavy startups the knowledge,
expertise and resources needed to
commercialise and grow…
… faster


About You

You have spent years developing the IP to solve one of the world’s gnarly problems.
You may (or may not) already have a strategy, some runs on the board, some customers, and a growing team.
You need to go much faster, but you are not sure how to go about it.

Introducing Exit Founders

Exit Founders is a group of senior executives and business builders who make things happen.
All of us have successfully exited from at least one startup.

We use that experience to make a difference in the world by helping startups with proven IP to scale fast.

Everything you need to commercialise and scale your startupfast has been crafted into a set of tools and canvases.

When you need business builders, not more advisors

We work with universities such as the University of Sydney and UTS to provide their IP heavy start-ups with a team of successful Australian based entrepreneurs.

We provide the knowledge, expertise and resources needed to commercialise and grow their startups much faster than would otherwise be possible meaning more brilliant ideas are turned into important real-world solutions.

Prior experience REALLY matters

Research has proven that it really matters to have more than one entrepreneur who has successfully exited a startup on your team.

Research also shows:

  • Most unicorns were started by experienced founders
  • Later successes are usually larger than previous successes
  • Previously exited founders have a much higher chance of having subsequent successful exits
  • VCs “almost blindly” invest in founders with previous exits

What People Are Saying

Meet Carapac

Carapac has developed the technology to make sustainable plastic alternatives that you can trust, out of crustacean shell waste. We call our material the first negative waste material, which is a major step up from zero waste.


Meet Detected-X

Detected-X uses artificial intelligence-driven technology to train doctors and clinicians to better diagnose breast and lung cancer and detect COVID-19. Detected-X now partners with GE Health, Amazon Web Services and Volpara to help clients in over 150 countries.

Meet BioScout

Bioscout are the leaders in airborne disease tracking and providers of meaningful data, maps and models for the agriculture industry. They believe that prevention is better than the cure.