How we work


We researched and interviewed the most successful impact entrepreneurs in the world to understand their “secret sauce”. We have distilled these insights down into critical success drivers and created The Rapid Impact Toolkit which you can access for free here

Bolster your

Our experts have condensed their joint experiences into a 2-day intensive “bolster your strategy” program to help you achieve only one thing; understand what you need to do to make your business scale significantly faster.

Make it 

Having understood what it takes to scale your business faster (and having decided that you really want to commit to that) then you can join our 5-week customised “make it happen” program. The outcome of these 5 weeks will be the creation of your detailed, executable plan for maximizing your impact faster.


If the circumstances are right you will be invited to receive long term support to execute your plan from our expert team and, if required, you get access to investment capital.