Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get out of participating in your program?

The enterprises participating in the programs will receive significant value depending on the level of support you have requested, including:

  • Toolkits and templates to enable you to “do it yourself”
  • Expertly facilitated workshops to define your growth strategy
  • Access to our online collaboration environment to bring your team together and document your strategy based on our unique methodology and templates derived from our conversations with some of the world’s most successful impact entrepreneurs
  • Coaching sessions for founders / CEOs facilitated by a fortnightly 30-min Zoom call with one of our serial entrepreneurs to discuss challenges, roadblocks, removing barriers to help you reach your potential
  • Weekly sessions with our experts to create your detailed, executable plan
  • Continuous access to experts who will be embedded in your organisation to help execute your plan
What are the outcomes I can expect?

By the end of the program you will have a solid revenue stream and a team in place to drive exponential future growth. You may have the opportunity to pitch to investors and impact investment funds during the program if you need it.

You will also have had opportunity to develop your interpersonal, communication, listening, management, and other ‘soft skills’ necessary for building your business.

What are my chances of being successful in raising capital?

The purpose of the Rapid Scale Up Program is to create a comprehensive plan to make your business scale significantly faster. In our experience this is one of the most important plans a prospective investor will ask for. While we cannot make any guarantees, we can assist in the preparation for raising capital and to introduce you to our network.

Who are the trusted advisors?

We have a dedicated team of professionals trained in our proven methodology to get you to execute on a growth strategy. While we may not have team members with direct experience in every niche market that your enterprises operate in (you will have this deep knowledge), they will have the skills that are relevant to getting you to accelerate such as marketing strategy, partnerships, R&D investments, global execution etc. The combination of our expertise and your deep knowledge will make a very powerful team.

How is The Rapid Scale Up Program different from an accelerator?

We operate from Sydney, Australia but we serve the whole of Asia Pacific. We are unique in that we focus on commercializing growth stage start-ups only, particularly those that are research based and purpose driven who are determined to improve at least one element of biodiversity

What are the eligibility requirements?

We target growth stage start-ups that are research-based and purpose-driven. By this, we mean businesses that have strong IP derived from fundamental research, have a social or environmental focus, and expect to generate a profit. You will already have some traction in the market and an intention to grow and scale exponentially.

We've already received funding, are we still eligible to apply?

To us, it is all about your potential to generate massive impact. If you have received grant funding or seed funding in the past, great. If you are seeking larger-scale investment funding, not a problem. You are still eligible.

I have already participated in an accelerator, can I still participate in The Rapid Scale Up Program?

We welcome applications from any growth stage start-up that is research-based and purpose-driven and has a well-proven business model, or some traction in the market, irrespective of whether you have already participated in an accelerator.

Do I need to be in Sydney to participate?

We cover the full Asia Pacific through a hybrid model of delivery and engagement, facilitating in person and through online tools. Given the current environment, however, we expect to deliver most or all elements of the program online, so there is no need to be located in Sydney.

When does the next round of applications open and close?

You can apply all year round. We don’t work with large cohorts but instead work with handpicked, most promising enterprises so we don’t have specific start dates.

How does the application process work?

Applicants will be asked to fill in a short application form online. This will be followed up with a meeting.

How do you choose which companies to accept in the program?

We will specifically select growth stage start-ups that are research-based and purpose-driven with a proven business model and/or existing revenue.

What if I need to change the answers to my application?

Just send us an email or a suggested time for a phone call and we sort it out.

Do you provide feedback on unsuccessful applications?

Yes, we are happy to provide verbal feedback to you if you are unsuccessful.

How big of a time commitment is the program?

The Rapid Scale Up Program offers a menu of activities, delivered over a 2-day or a 5-week period. In the program, entrepreneurs are not passive recipients of content, rather active participants so it is expected that you will action learnings throughout the duration of the program in a model of iterative project-based learning. We will adjust the program to your availability and encourage participation by your management team and/or co-founders to ensure alignment.

How many founders need to participate in the program? Can my team join?

We firmly believe that “it takes a village to raise a child” so on that basis co-founders and senior team members are encouraged to participate.

Do you invest in the participating companies?

In order that we can remain totally objective, we do not invest directly into our clients’ businesses.

Does it cost money to participate?

We are so confident in our ability to help you succeed when we are at the stage of providing you with embedded support that there is no upfront cost to companies invited at this level. However, we will require a percentage of revenue attained above an agreed baseline to reflect our success in helping you to grow. There are small charges to cover our costs for the 2 day and 5-week programs. Tailored consultancy is charged separately.