All impact entrepreneurs want ONE thing. Exponential growth so they can make a real difference in the world.

Our program supports solutions that are measurably benefiting our communities.

Part of the challenge is identifying and helping the brilliant innovators and entrepreneurs to achieve maximum growth and impact. To do this, they need a practical growth strategy and matching capability and investment plan. This is where our Rapid Scale Up program comes in.

The Rapid Scale Up Program comes in 4 parts

Part 1. The Rapid Impact Toolkit
We have created the Rapid Impact Toolkit to help you design the best and fastest way to maximize the positive impact of your business and for you to be financially secure.
It consists of a specially tailored framework suitable for impact businesses and includes specific activities for each of the four dimensions.
In total there are 10 activities that, when completed, will encapsulate your practical Growth and Impact Strategy and detail the execution plan that you will need to scale up and achieve the outcomes and impact you set out to deliver.

You get all of this for free!

Part 2. The 2 Day “Bolster your Strategy” program

Our two-day “Bolster your Strategy” program is designed to achieve only one thing; a plan to make your venture scale significantly faster. It covers unique concepts and techniques such as back casting, natural ownership and horizon thinking, all derived from the many interviews with the most successful impact entrepreneurs in the world and combined with our own experience.

All our participants have one thing in common, they are looking for exponential growth to make a real difference in the world. While making a living is important, they truly want to improve society.

Part 3. The 5 Week “Make It Happen” program

Following the 2 day program you may be invited to participate in the 5 Week ‘Make it Happen” program to define and start executing a your customised plan that will make your venture scale significantly faster.

The 5 Week program is enabled through a hybrid model of delivery and engagement, facilitated in-person and through online tools, including:

  • Tailored consultancy
  • 1 on 1 mentoring and coaching
  • Peer support and facilitated networking
  • Access to our online support environment

All components of the program are specifically designed for growth-stage start-ups to get a detailed growth plan in place as soon as possible and to identify the capability you need to execute.

Part 4.

If the circumstances are right, you will be invited to receive long term support to execute your plan from our expert team often embedded in your team. If required, you get access to investment capital.